Dornfelder, dry red wine
4 month oak barrel



750 ML

13 % VOL

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New red wine coming Mid 2019.



All grapes were handpicked and carefully selected. The manual work during the year delivered an excellent quality as a base for this wine. The Dornfelder remained in oak barrels for four months. It brings a fine structure with a pleasant fruit, flavors of elder and wild cherry and has a dark red colour.


The grapes are from a small family-scale vineyard, 25 a in size. The name 'Bruchkehl' is an old term for the area where the vineyard is located. It descripes a small hollow way whose steep slopes broke off consistently due to the watery grounds. A characteristic of the landscape which no longer exists.


Blanc de Noirs

Pinot Noir, dry wine
pressed white



750 ML

12,5 % VOL

7.00 Euro



Immediately after the harvesting the red grapes were carefully and gentled pressed so the pigments in the skin of the berries did not come into the must. The 'white' pressed Pinot Noir was reductive extracted (protected from oxidation) in the steel tank. The result, a champagne coloured white wine, pleasantly fresh with mild acid. It has a fine apricot scent and flavors of rasberry and ripe pears.













The Pinot Noir vineyard has 14 a. It is located in the boundary called 'Elfmorgen' (engl. 'Eleven Morn'), a large south oriented slope in the the north of the village Mörzheim.

'Morgen' (engl. 'acre'), is a former measure of land. It determines the land which could be executed with a single horse plough during a morning. Today four 'Morgen' correlate to one hectare.