Blanc de noir

White pressed
Pinot Noir
Quality wine



750 ml

12 % vol

7.00 Euro

A white pressed light pink coloured Pinot Noir with a stimulating acid. Nuances of yellow apple and gooseberry, pleasantly fresh taste.





Blend of Dornfelder &
Pinor Noir
Quality wine



750 ml

11 % vol

5.50 Euro


A blend of Dornfelder and Pinot Noir with flavours from red berries. Straightforward and juicy.




Red wine Cuvée

Red wine
Quality wine


Unfortunately our red wine is sold out. Due to the poor harvest in 2021 we weren't able to produce red wine for you. We will be back with red in May 2023.





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5.50 Euro

shipping and packaging         

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I started making wine in 2012. Prior to this year, at a family reunion, I convinced my father to collaborate with me and break new ground. In the mid-nineties my brother and I chose different professions away from the family winery. My brother Thomas became an aerospace engineer, lived in South Korea for a few years and later on moved with his wife Hyeran and daughter Roxane to Augsburg. I studied Media Art and moved to Berlin in 2000, working as an art director and graphic designer. My parents Margit and Richard managed the family business until they retired in 2003. My father kept operating a small vineyard, the starting point for my vision of making wine based on my own conceptions. What started in 1713 with Johann Jakob Joachim now continues.

Natural processes in the vineyard are the focal point of our endeavours. We are pushing our abilities to get the best results possible: healthy grapes of distinguished quality. We consider plants, soil and animals as an elemental unity in sustainable wine making. For example, to support biodiversity, we maintain a healthy vegetation throughout the vineyard. We are working within the guidelines of organic farming.


Stefan Joachim

Gaudystraße 6

10437 Berlin

+49 163 73 599 29



Impflinger Straße 26

76829 Mörzheim





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